Sunday, July 27, 2014

Launch of MagicalMonoprinting ETSY shop

I've finally taken the plunge and started up a shop on ETSY.  For those of you who are blissfully ignorant of the wonder of ETSY, its an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and art/craft supplies.  In other words, totally deadly on a rainy afternoon when you are innocently trawling the internet and come across ETSY, an absolute sinful treasure trove of all things handmade, like the best and biggest handmade market you've ever been to.......

So next time you're 'surfing' the web, drop and in say hello to my shop MagicalMonoprinting (love it by clicking on 'favourite').  Here's the link if you need a bit of help getting there.......

But before you click the link and dive into a few hours of ETSY love....I wanted to tell you that I've become addicted to making cards.  Not the scrapbooking, all bling and wow factor type of card.  My cards are simple, colour savvy and show off my monoprints.  I make cards now in several styles, using a few different printing methods. 

I source my card and envelope blanks from the internet, usually starting on EBAY to find the best deal. I also get my plastic bags from there as well.   I love to layer my cards, using a piece of bazzill card to frame the print.  Bazzill card is just wonderful!  Colours in every shade and not just the primaries or fluros, but absolutely gorgeous shades, for about $1 for a 30cm x 30cm sheet.  I source my card from scrapbooking shops or online.

I think what I enjoy about card making is the meditative process of construction and the outcome of a beautiful card to brighten someone's day.  They're a cheaper option for someone who can't afford one of my original prints or journals. 

I've only recently started using quality colour photocopies of my monoprints for my cards, after finally working out that using an original monoprint on each card wasn't very economical as each monoprint is a one-off!

Below are a few examples of the cards I'm making at the moment.

The Bazzill card frames the prints beautifully!

These ones are original prints using my Ezi-carve stamps.

I like these ones because the cards 'frame' the print.

Prints from my Sedge Series.

Now off you go to ETSY (here's the link again  I bet you'll find it hard not to find something you like there!


  1. REALLY GREAT looking works! KUDOS!

  2. fantastic! I'm in the process of taking the etsy plunge ('cause as you say - its an easy e-commerce option..... or at least that's what I THINK it is... I'm still finding it difficult to set things up in there....) I'll have to whip over and check out your etsy store - ooooo and GOOD LUCK!

  3. I love your work!!!!!

  4. Good for you! I started an Etsy shop but lost interest. I must get it going again. Lots of luck with yours.

  5. Thanks all, I hope to see some of your work on ETSY soon too!