Friday, February 19, 2010

Coochie Art Retreat - its on!

THE major art event of 2010 is on - the inaugural Coochie Art Retreat!  Cathy Money (fellow printmaker, wonderful artist and friend) and I are off to Coochimudlo Island in April to retreat from the busy world and make art, art and more art!

Our focus will be on the mangroves around the island, so at high tide we intend to set off in Cathy's double kayak to do sketching etc.  Then the remainder of the day will be spent at the shack (ie resort) with 'Thumper' my printing press, cooking up a creative storm.

Goodie!  I can't wait!  Lets hope the weather is kind to us, though it doesn't really matter because we will be in the shack printing anyway (what a shame, NOT).

Only 51 more sleeps to go........... ;-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pine Apples Exhibition - Tasmania

This is the Tasmanian leg of the Pine Apples Exhibition, which will feature 2 of my pineapple monotypes I referred to in a previous blog.  Bon Voyage!