Thursday, March 22, 2018

Autumn Leaves and monoprinting with my Gelatine Plate

I live in a sub-tropical climate so I don't see a lot of autumn colour in the trees in my local area.  So a recent holiday in central Victoria in southern Australia gave me the opportunity to collect and print with some different leaves.

As I was traveling around for a week in a motorhome, I had to work small and light,so I packed my 5 x 7 inch Gelli Arts plate, a small roller, a few tubes of paint, some papers and my bookbinding kit. 

I did a series of prints using two different leaves, in two colours.  I then cut up and constructed the prints into a pyramid-style book [thanks to Jill for the design].

Each of the 'pages' is a square folded diagonally both ways, then with most of one of the triangles cut out to form the shape once glued.  They are all then stuck together [I used double sided tape]. 

Its been a great little portable project that I worked on over a week from my mini-studio space in the motorhome [doubles as a dining table].  I'm always happy when I have an art project to work on, even if I'm enjoying a holiday with my partner at the same time.

As they say "Happy Wife, Happy Life"........

Printing with the gelatine plate, I can feel the serenity.....

One of the prints, two colours, two types of leaves.
I think that this is a failure-proof combination.

Cutting out the book components - four squares of three different sizes,
printed on both sides

Creating in my motorhome studio [dining table], too bad
if we needed to eat!

Folding the book pages, accuracy is always a good thing for less
wonkiness in the finished book.
The finished book opened, with ties.

The underside of the book, I did the prints
double sided so the underside would be interesting as well.

The book closed.  I made some covers from thick paper and left
over prints, and some tapestry yarn from a local charity shop.