Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Natural History Illustration

I'm halfway through completing an online Natural History Illustration course.  Its a 6 week free course offered by the Uni of Newcastle, and its been excellent as a simple tool to sharpen my sketchbook skills.

I've discovered that I'm not really into detailed graphite scientific drawings, my style is more sketchy and loose but I've developed more skills in how to measure and look more carefully at my subject before starting my drawing.

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook:

I took my sketchbook on a recent trip to Flinders Island, a hidden gem off the North-East coast of Tasmania.  As my luggage was restricted on the small plane flight from Melbourne, my sketchbook kit was an ideal art project.  I spent many hours in our campervan drawing found objects from the beach.

Quick plein-air sketch during a lunch stop at Sawyers Bay.

Watercolour painting that Sawyers Bay sketch from
the comfort of the campervan.
The completed sketch and notes

Drawing found objects from the beach,
seaweed, kelp base and egg cases.