Sunday, October 25, 2015

Monoprints from my Studio

I've been busy monoprinting this month, here is a selection of completed prints.  The scrub turkey has made another appearance, this time I experimented with subdued colours of blues and greys.  I also started on a bee series, inspired by a native bee workshop I recently attended.

'Society' - bee monoprint

'Kin' - bee monoprint with collage.

"Natural Selection' - I reused egg stencils from
 one of my original scrub turkey series.

'Natural Selection' - I love the contrast between
the turkey imagery and the serrated banksia leaves.

'Wonder' - banksia love!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

My unique fashion label

Last week I had the dye pot out doing some eco-dyeing on cotton t-shirts.  Great fun! Then the second stage was monoprinting leaves onto the shirts.  Below are photos of the printing in progress and the finished shirts.

Revealing the monoprint, using dwarf banksia leaves

Printing using 'interesting' gum leaves - lots of holes makes for
a print with character!

The finished shirt and gum leaves after printing

The banksia t-shirt finished
And then I used the same gum leaves to do some monoprints on paper, here are a couple of the resulting prints.  I've titled them 'Where I meet the Earth'.  The prints reminded me of looking down at decaying leaf litter on a rainforest floor - perhaps one of those memorable occasions when I'm checking my hiking boots for leeches!   ;-)