Friday, June 22, 2012

Creative Books workshop @ Treeline

Eco-dyed papers - gold, orange and black colours
These photos are from my latest workshop that I ran on Wednesday in conjunction with the Treeline 2012 event run by Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

The workshop was held at the lovely Maroochydore Botanic Gardens, I highly recommend a visit to see the sculpture gardens set amongst the native bushland.

We had a great day of eco-dyeing and coptic stitching.  I tried out a new brew based on bracken fern with a pinch of alum, which produced beautiful bright gold colours.  Combined with the onion skins, eucalypt leaves and metal fragments, the results were just stunning.

The bundles ready to go into the pot

Unwrapping the bundles to reveal the eco-dyed books

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spread the word

Just a quick blog today .....!

I've had to run a few extra workshops in the coming months due to increased interest from my exhibition in May.

I've also been asked to run another Creative Artist Books workshops for the Treeline 2012 event, its on Friday 6th July.

Check out my latest workshop schedule on my website

Know of anyone who needs a creative holiday for a day ???

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fold and Stitch

What a busy month I've had!  My solo exhibition was no sooner over than I launched myself into a week of intensive bookbinding with visiting American artists Keith Smith and Scott McCarney at the State Library Queensland.

Keith and Scott covered many different book structures, most of which I was already familiar with, but I still picked up plenty of new ideas and concepts. 

We were also spoilt with artist book viewing from the SLQ collection every afternoon, thanks to Librarian Helen Cole.  We were able to closely examine and touch (white gloves on, of course) an extensive selection of artists books.  Its a pleasure to see such a variety of structures, themes and techniques.  It was a great way to finish off a day of bookbinding.  The other great thrill was to see my 2 artists books, Lost and Found, on display, now part of the collection.

This workshop has given me the impetus to focus more on printmaking for artists books, as I've always thought that many of my monoprints would suit the book format better than being framed on the wall.  To me, artist books are more intimate and allow the viewer a closer connection with the image as well as allowing me to add text.  The book format will allow me to introduce some simple 'haiku' poetry that I had been experimenting with.

Watch this space!

I enjoyed the daily walk from the city over the Kurilpa Bridge
 to the SLQ precinct

Scott McCarney and Keith Smith, our tutors

Me, enjoying a week of playing with paper!

One of Keith's drawings....simple really.....!