Monday, May 31, 2010

Tokyo Creative Expedition

Today I have returned from spending a week in Tokyo exploring Japan's creative side.  I had a wonderful time wandering up and down floors of craft and art supply outlets, admiring the wares in traditional craft museums, watching artisans at work etc.  And you can't beat people watching in Tokyo - another very creative and eye-opening experience!

This was our third visit to Japan, and although Craig and I were very foot sore by the end of each day, we enjoyed our holiday immensely.  Lucky for me, we packed very lightly so I could fit in all my art purchases for the journey home!

My favourite shop was Sekaido, with 6 floors of art supplies and stationery - each floor being equivalent in size to one Brisbane Oxlades or Eckersleys shop.  Consequently the product range was mind blowing!  I was so overwhelmed with excitement I had to visit the shop twice to absorb everything.  VERY addictive and the poor credit card got a good workout!

Other great shops were Okadaya, Itoya, Loft, Yuzawaya, and Bingoya.  The Paper Museum in Oji was also very interesting and I was able to try paper making Japan-style.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jill Brose Basketry Workshop

A few years ago I did a basketry workshop with Jill Brose, who is an experienced fibre artist with exhibitions nationally.

She is running another workshop in July, so I thought I would give her a 'plug' on my blog!

DATE: Sunday 18th July 2010

VENUE: FIBRECRAFT HOUSE, 12 Payne St, Auchenflower
FEE: $70 (includes materials)

"No experience required - only enthusiasm. This informal and flexible workshop, encourages you to express your own creativity, to make baskets from plant materials, many of which are found in your own gardens.

Two baskets will be woven in the day so that you will learn two very different methods of weaving a basket.
The workshop will commence with a talk on the different fibres suitable for our craft. How to collect, store and soak them before weaving."

For more information: Phone Jill 3369 8367 or Email:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magical Monotypes Workshop

I've finally managed to organise my Magical Monotypes Workshop on Sunday 27 June!

I can't wait to share my monotype experience with others.  I'm sure they'll get sooooo excited when they start seeing the wonderful images they can create using plants, stencils, netting, string, lace etc.  Some of the ladies who have already booked for this workshop did my previous one in January.

We will be using my portable printing press ‘Thumper’ to produce the prints.  During the workshop I plan to also demonstrate how to develop layers and detail as well as printing by hand using brayers and other tools.  I didn't get time to cover this in the previous workshop.

My Mum has volunteered to be my assistant so it should give me plenty of time to give advice and keep the ink flowing.  It should be a very fun, creative day if not a little frantic and chaotic!  Lets hope there's not too much 'queue' rage at the press....... :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lost and Found

During my week at Coochiemudlo Island in April, I worked on pages for an artists book.  I ended up making 2 books in a series I entitled "Lost and Found". 

The prints and text were inspired by the diversity and fragility of the island's tidal mangrove environments.

The books are not bound, with the 16 prints contained in a clam-shell box.  I wanted to allow the viewer an interactive experience - they can re-order the pages to discover their own visual version of 'Coochie'.

tidal place
tidal time
retreat, surge

flooded forest
diamond light
dancing across the water

beach drift
wanderings in the sand
bleached remnants

lazy water shadows
mud, cool, mud
primeval aroma

skimming the surface
shifting patterns
of sand and time

ocean currents
transient presence
breathe in
breathe out

skeletal vestiges
two worlds
above and below

tidal scars
tracks and trails