Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magical Monotypes Workshop

I've finally managed to organise my Magical Monotypes Workshop on Sunday 27 June!

I can't wait to share my monotype experience with others.  I'm sure they'll get sooooo excited when they start seeing the wonderful images they can create using plants, stencils, netting, string, lace etc.  Some of the ladies who have already booked for this workshop did my previous one in January.

We will be using my portable printing press ‘Thumper’ to produce the prints.  During the workshop I plan to also demonstrate how to develop layers and detail as well as printing by hand using brayers and other tools.  I didn't get time to cover this in the previous workshop.

My Mum has volunteered to be my assistant so it should give me plenty of time to give advice and keep the ink flowing.  It should be a very fun, creative day if not a little frantic and chaotic!  Lets hope there's not too much 'queue' rage at the press....... :-)

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