Friday, December 23, 2011

Return of the scrub turkeys

This week in the studio.....

A turkey here.....

....a turkey there,

...turkeys in my garden everywhere!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mixed Emotions

This week I visited Redland Art Gallery at Cleveland for a talk by Dr Kathy Townsend, a participating scientist for Judy Watson's artist-in-residency on Heron Island in 2009/2010.

Dr Townsend talked about the impact of human generated waste on sea turtles - plastic bags, balloons and other bits of plastic are eaten by turtles and it can kill them.  I really enjoyed her talk even though it was not about the art itself and I got a lot out of it.  Unfortunately I was left very uninspired by Judy Watson's art works - her layering process was interesting but I didn't feel that her artworks had much impact.  Judy was present at the talk but didn't introduce herself or speak - very disappointing and makes the artwork and the process of creating it seem cold and detached.  I would have liked to see some artistic passion! Perhaps I need to go back and have another look when I had more time.

A big surprise was the prints by Carolyn Dodds.  Her detailed linos were beautiful but I particularly loved her artist books and mixed media works - using frottage, photocopies and collage.  She also uses a lot of thin papers like Japanese rice papers which she hand prints using brayers and other tools.  A very inspiring body of work.

I recommend you visit this exhibition, its on until 29 January (the gallery is closed between Xmas and 8 January).  Together Judy's and Carolyn's works will inspire anyone who loves printmaking.

Below is a Utube video of Judy Watson's artist-in-residency at Heron Island.