Saturday, August 19, 2017

Kayaking for inspiration

I enjoy getting out of the studio to enjoy some sunshine.   I've recently done a couple of kayaking trips around our local waterways, providing precious time to mindfully observe the trees, wildlife and geography as well as listening to bird calls and the soothing sound of wind moving through the tree canopy.

These journeys might not directly result in the production of art as I'm not there to sketch or print, but they provide me with some headspace to enjoy and observe, and more importantly, to think.  I love my thinking time, something unfortunately rare to achieve at home with all the usual day-to-day demands.

I think we all need some time like this to keep our art connected to what we're passionate about.

I love my selfie stick!

Here we are, our kayaks resting on a sandbank whilst we enjoyed morning tea.
We're in  Schulzs Canal - a man-made river and recreational haven.
The amount of rubbish that Craig picked up at this spot is an indication
of the Canal's popularity and location near urbanised areas.

Pied Oyster Catchers - one of my favourite shore birds.
You almost always see them in pairs, I think its very romantic!

You can't help but admire the architecture of mangroves and
coastal vegetation - a view that can only be appreciated by boat.

I enjoyed the rippled reflections on the outgoing tide, serenaded by the
mangrove honeyeaters.   Shame about the regular roar of planes taking off
at the nearby airport!

We lost count of how many old tyres we saw in Jacksons Creek -
we wondered how they all got there.
Unfortunately too big and too many to strap to the kayaks!

Craig and I gliding up a tidal creek out of the wind.
What a beautiful day for appreciating this small
piece of natural area right next to the airport.

We spotted a pelican gliding past, such an amazing bird.
As a young girl, I remember feeding them left over fish during family boating trips.
I still haven't forgiven the one who nipped my finger with its long beak!