Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Ficus Screen - its story

The Ficus Screen in-situ at my exhibition
Today I unearthed some photographs I had taken during the process of creating my large 3-panel paper screen.  The screen was on display at my 'Conservation of the Species' exhibition last week.

The photos show the process of creating and printing the paper.... from mulberry fibre to inking the ficus leaves. 

The process started with creating several 2.4metre long sheets of paper from mulberry fibre (imported from Italy).  This was done on a vacuum table at Dion Channer's studio in April (see previous blogs).   After the paper was dried and ironed, I took it to the Impress Printmakers Studio and inked some large ficus leaves.  The leaves were printed onto the paper using the biggest etching press at Impress.  The paper was too long for the press bed, so I had to print one end of the paper, then turn it around and do the other end.  No room for error!

The wooden frame for the 1.8metre high screen was made by my partner Craig, and prior to attaching the paper, I applied a lime stain to tie the wood in with the paleness of the mulberry fibre.

I hope the screen gives lots of pleasure to its new owner.... as much pleasure as I had creating it, from paper pulp to printing to attaching it to the frame.

Creating the paper at Dion's studio

Inking up a ficus leaf at the Impress Studio

One of the ficus leaves - HUGE!

Rolling the paper and leaves through the press

Printing in progress

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Conservation of the Species

I've just had the BEST 5 days of my life!  My solo exhibition, 'Conservation of the Species' finished today, with over 400 visitors and some great sales.  And most importantly, wonderful feedback from everyone, including the many walk-in visitors to the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens where the exhibition was held.

I'd like to thank all of my friends and family who dropped in to see my artworks.  I am particularly grateful for my wonderful Mum, Jan, who worked tirelessly as my sales agent, and a big thanks also goes to my partner Craig who spent most of the weekend at the gallery serving up drinks and food, and running the EFTPOS machine out to the carpark to get mobile network reception!

Inconjunction with the exhibition, I ran 2 workshops at the gallery.  A great time was had by all, and it generated lots of interest in future workshops which will keep me very busy.  Its wonderful that so many people were inspired by my colourful prints and are now keen to explore their creativity.

So now I need a few days to recuperate, unpack the car and put EVERYTHING back into my studio in a place where I can find it..... that will be the tricky bit!

My 3-panel screen, made from mulberry fibre and
printed with large ficus leaves

Kudusama flowers on display
The 'sales table' filled with goodies - an opportunity for everyone
to take home something small -
VERY popular!
My handmade paper artwork 'Flow', flanked by
my monoprints

Gelli-plate Monoprint books

Some of the display

Mum and I at the gallery

Some of the girls at the Art Journal workshop,
examining their completed journals
Handmade paper and rusted paper,
part of the Art Journal workshop
Beautiful, expressive sewing on the student's art journals

Sun printing in progress - part of the Art Journal workshop.
Thankfully the sun stayed out for us!

Monoprinting workshop, with keen participants!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4 sleeps to go!

.....and I'm ready to go.  I spent most of Sunday framing my monoprints into perspex frames.  These frames are so that I can show my works on paper without expensive framing and without interfering with the walls at the gallery.  I've specially bought clear plastic fittings so that the finish is quite minimal.

Yesterday I bought the drinks and food for the 'drinks with artist' event, which officially is Saturday afternoon but I encourage everyone to come in anytime over the 5 days of the exhibition, I'll have plenty of refreshments in the fridge!

This is my last post before my exhibition opens, I've got commitments with my day job the next 3 days, then Friday I'll be installing the exhibition.

I'll post photos during the exhibition so you can see what it all looks like if you're unable to make it.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Magic of Monoprinting is now published!

So here I am after my short camping break - refreshed,with a few more interesting leaves to add to my stash....!

But this post is all about my book "The Magic of Monoprinting" - its now published and available for purchase.

A preview of some pages of the book can be seen via this link on the blurb website

The 'Magic of Monoprinting' book contains 78 pages of beautiful colour photos of my work plus insights into my art practice and my monoprinting techniques.  There's an extensive gallery of photos of my artworks from the 'Conservation of the Species' series as well as other monoprints I've been working on in the past 18 months.

I've got copies of the book to sell at $30 each or you can buy direct from the Blurb website (plus postage from USA).   If you live in Australia, I can post to you for a minimal cost.

I'm really proud of my book and have really enjoyed putting it together.   I hope you enjoy it too.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Two weeks 'till launch.....time for a break!

Its now less than 2 weeks until I open my solo exhibition.

In the past week, I've been finishing off my large handmade paper works, including 2 wall hanging pieces and my 3-panel screen.  Its been a bit nerve-wracking as I haven't done much with such large sheets, and I knew that one mistake and it could all be ruined......!

I'm a big fan of 'to-do' lists, and of course, I've had several to help with my exhibition planning.

And I'm VERY happy to say that I've only got a few jobs left to do, most of them pretty minor.

So as its my partner Craig's birthday this week, we've decided on an impromptu mid-week camping trip.  I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with a forest environment, to wake up and just hear birds and no traffic or neighbourhood noise.

I've put away the 'to-list' and am looking forward to taking some time out to relax ......although I might be tempted to collect a leaf or two!