Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4 sleeps to go!

.....and I'm ready to go.  I spent most of Sunday framing my monoprints into perspex frames.  These frames are so that I can show my works on paper without expensive framing and without interfering with the walls at the gallery.  I've specially bought clear plastic fittings so that the finish is quite minimal.

Yesterday I bought the drinks and food for the 'drinks with artist' event, which officially is Saturday afternoon but I encourage everyone to come in anytime over the 5 days of the exhibition, I'll have plenty of refreshments in the fridge!

This is my last post before my exhibition opens, I've got commitments with my day job the next 3 days, then Friday I'll be installing the exhibition.

I'll post photos during the exhibition so you can see what it all looks like if you're unable to make it.



  1. Enjoy your exhibition Sandra....I know you'll have great success. All the hard work will be worth it! Bon chance/good luck!