Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some prints from my Woodgate Trip

Last week on my 'printing' holiday at Woodgate, I produced many monoprints.  Some photos of these are below.... most of the prints I will be incorporating into book structures, most based around the concertina form - accordian with tunnel, back to back accordian etc.
I sourced my materials from the shoreline, trees on the sand dunes, and from the swamp lands near the Woodgate township.
I particularly enjoyed working with ferns, using the fronds as a pallete to capture the texture of objects used in successive print layers.  The magic of monoprinting really inspires me to push the boundaries and discover new ways of printing.  I have just perfected a new technique of printing from other prints - hence I only need to ink up my plate once to produce at least 4 prints.
I find its important for me to print regularly, even if its simple monoprinting, I can always learn something new and get inspired whilst I print.  Most of my prints are composed and developed as I work, not a lot of preplanning required.  This time at Woodgate however I carefully prepared my papers before I started printing so that the paper sizes suited the book structures I was aiming for.
Watch this space for the books I create. 

Fern collected from Tea-tree swamp

Cotton tree leaf and casuarina fronds

Guinea Fowl stencil with chine colle paper pattern

Monday, September 17, 2012

Andy Goldsworthy

I found this on the web a 10 minute video giving insight into the construction of the new Andy Goldsworthy scuplture "Strangler Cairn" in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Its such an amazing work.  I love Andy's passion and respect for the natural world.  "Strangler Cairn" has become quite controversial in the current political climate in Queensland due to the amount of money spent (the previous Labour government's project).

Its definately on my agenda to get in and see it in its early stages, and to watch it develop over the years.  Fingers crossed that someone doesn't decide to interfere with it.

More information on

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woodgate Art Retreat

I'm blogging from the deck of my Woodgate holiday house.   I've got a week here with fellow artist Cathy Money, to inspire our art practices with the natural beauty of this sleepy little coastal town, 40kms from Childers.  To keep us company we have brought along our Mums.

So far, we have explored the banksias and wetlands of the national park, as well as tidal creeks and the exensive shoreline running the length of Woodgate.

We have set up a studio in the downstairs kitchen of the house.   Its a massive house with 5 bedrooms and 2 kitchens, so we each have a bedroom and we can keep our studio and working area separate from our living areas.

I'll post some images of  my work in the coming days.  Ok, now back to printing!

early morning on the beach
a morning walk with seagulls

Cathy working on location in the national park

in the studio, inking up a plate

Thumper set up in the downstairs kitchen 'studio',
using the extra long bed