Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some prints from my Woodgate Trip

Last week on my 'printing' holiday at Woodgate, I produced many monoprints.  Some photos of these are below.... most of the prints I will be incorporating into book structures, most based around the concertina form - accordian with tunnel, back to back accordian etc.
I sourced my materials from the shoreline, trees on the sand dunes, and from the swamp lands near the Woodgate township.
I particularly enjoyed working with ferns, using the fronds as a pallete to capture the texture of objects used in successive print layers.  The magic of monoprinting really inspires me to push the boundaries and discover new ways of printing.  I have just perfected a new technique of printing from other prints - hence I only need to ink up my plate once to produce at least 4 prints.
I find its important for me to print regularly, even if its simple monoprinting, I can always learn something new and get inspired whilst I print.  Most of my prints are composed and developed as I work, not a lot of preplanning required.  This time at Woodgate however I carefully prepared my papers before I started printing so that the paper sizes suited the book structures I was aiming for.
Watch this space for the books I create. 

Fern collected from Tea-tree swamp

Cotton tree leaf and casuarina fronds

Guinea Fowl stencil with chine colle paper pattern

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