Monday, June 28, 2010

Magical Monotypes Workshop - a creative success!

Yesterday I led an enthusiastic group of artists into the wonderful world of printmaking - together with my press 'Thumper' we created monotypes using plants, stencils, lace and lots of ink!

I was overwhelmed by the number of beautiful images they created - the hall was covered from top to bottom with their prints.  My 2 drying racks just couldn't cope with the creative outpouring!

And thanks to my wonderful assistant, Jan (my mum!) the day went smoothly with lots of 'ooooohhhs' and 'aaaahhhs' over delicious colourful prints.   And those prints that didn't quite work will be excellent starting points for embellishment with stamps, text and drawing.

Thanks to everyone for a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Creativity and Routine

In the past few weeks since my Japan trip I have been contemplating creativity and the work-art balance. 

All of my life my brain has been working hard at being logical doing office work.  But now I am trying to 're-train' it to focus more on my creativity and the conceptual.  Not easy!

I am working on a new art routine.  Just like my routine of getting up in the morning (shower, breakfast, feed chickens), my art needs to become a state of consciousness, a flow state that seems more normal and everyday rather than something I'm constantly trying to get my head around.

I am beginning by splitting my art practice into 2 parts - processes/techniques and concepts/ideas. 

Processes and techniques are fed by my 'logical' brain and are strong and well-developed.  I enjoy 'doing'. 

However, I need to spend more time on my concepts and ideas.  I find this 'thinking' part of my practice the hardest to concentrate on.  I need to slow down and spend time thinking about where I am going with my art, what I am trying to say, and get some depth into the 'why' of my art practice.

Wish me luck!