Monday, June 14, 2010

Creativity and Routine

In the past few weeks since my Japan trip I have been contemplating creativity and the work-art balance. 

All of my life my brain has been working hard at being logical doing office work.  But now I am trying to 're-train' it to focus more on my creativity and the conceptual.  Not easy!

I am working on a new art routine.  Just like my routine of getting up in the morning (shower, breakfast, feed chickens), my art needs to become a state of consciousness, a flow state that seems more normal and everyday rather than something I'm constantly trying to get my head around.

I am beginning by splitting my art practice into 2 parts - processes/techniques and concepts/ideas. 

Processes and techniques are fed by my 'logical' brain and are strong and well-developed.  I enjoy 'doing'. 

However, I need to spend more time on my concepts and ideas.  I find this 'thinking' part of my practice the hardest to concentrate on.  I need to slow down and spend time thinking about where I am going with my art, what I am trying to say, and get some depth into the 'why' of my art practice.

Wish me luck!

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  1. good luck Sandra! It is so interesting to read this as i am the opposite. I would hesitate to even call myself an Artist as i am full of concepts and ideas and very little "doing". Certainly i am untrained/practiced in any medium or technique. This is largely due to chronic illness, i have a strong "doing" urge but my body says no, so i left with ideas whizzing around, unsatisfied. Without my illness though, perhaps i would not have had the time/space to realise how important creativity is to me, and that is what i want to do, when possible, so it is a step in the right direction!