Sunday, August 10, 2014


During the last few weeks I've been busy preparing to make prints for an upcoming show called 'Blueprint'.  I'm part of a small group of printmakers exhibiting in an architect's studio at West End, responding to the theme of Art and Architecture.

Even though my work is based on the spontenanity of the technique of monoprinting, there's actually a lot of preparatory work, mostly with the selection of imagery.  The other technicality with this project is that we've been given only 5 sheets of paper - so that immediately restricts me to take a less experimental approach.  Hence the extra time I've given myself to do test prints and work out exactly the sequence of print techniques I need to follow to get the result I'm after.

I'm using a combination of monoprinting and a solar etching plate.  I've used these two techniques together before but this time I've used the techniques slightly differently, maximising the effects of printing off the object rather than the plate. 

And because the paper supplied is so large, I wasn't able to print on my 'Thumper' travelling etching press, but had to use my new large studio press which is stored under my Mum's house in her garage.  A slightly less inspiring environment, with the challenge of poor light and wind blowing in the garage door, but it did the job.

I'm happy with the resulting prints, they'll all be exhibited at the Blueprint exhibition, Baber Studio, 9/173 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane (upstairs and turn right).

After the opening at 6pm Friday 29 August, the exhibition will continue until Saturday 20th September.  Opening times are Monday to Friday 12-2 and Saturdays 9-3 (2 of the artists will be present on the Saturdays).

My temporary studio in Mum's garage,
slightly chaotic but I still managed to print OK
My HillDav Studio Press, ready to start work

Gorgeous Swamp Blood-Wood leaves,
covered in ink after printing

The solar etching plate I created from a map, with
images of the leaves 'printed' onto it (the aftermath of
my printing session)

One of the final prints, just to give you an idea of
the end result - a monoprint and etching
using a Cotton Tree leaf as a plate.
Details of the Exhibition, opening Friday 29 August 6pm @ West End.
Please join us for a drink, some nibblies and beautiful art!

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  1. Sandra it is so interesting looking through your prints and process,would like to have met you when you were in BC I live in Vancouver, and use to live on the Island, I'm sure you had a wonderful holiday.I would love to come to Australia.