Sunday, August 28, 2011

Printmaking using the sun...except it was raining!

Yesterday I did a workshop creating printing plates using UV light.  The workshop was run at Impress Printmakers Studio by Belinda Sinclair.

We used specially pre-prepared plates, exposing them to UV light using a light box and dark room at the studio.  Sunlight is another exposure method, but obviously not an option on a rainy day!

Images used in the process ranged from artist sketches, copyright-free images and vintage woodcut prints.

I am really excited by this process as I will be able to use solar prints with my monoprints.  It will enable me to get sharp distinctive imagery that may be difficult to achieve using my monoprinting stencils.

The only downside is the cost of the plates and if during the exposure process you make a mistake, then the plate is wasted.  I had already experienced this when I first played around with solar plates last year, when I accidentally turned the light off in the dark room when exposing a plate.  Needless to say, not a lot happened on my plate!

Below are a couple of my prints from the workshop, using chin colle (ie collaged papers).  I can't wait to do some more, it was heaps of fun and the results were great.

Jelly fish image with text behind.
I used a piece of coloured paper on the
head of the jelly fish.

The dodo! 
I used chin colle on this print,  unfortunately
my cutting technique was a bit off,
hence the 'jaunty' angle!

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