Sunday, August 14, 2011

A box worth a thousand words

On Saturday I attended a workshop run by Amanda O'Sullivan at the Impress Printmakers Studio at Camp Hill.  The workshop was to create a Japanese Bone-Clasp box.

As you can see from the images below, I created a box suitable to house my recently completed Altered Book.  The box is covered in a red Thai fern paper and a red mulberry paper lining.

The box was reasonably straight-forward to construct once I painstakingly planned every component, making precise measurements and cuts.  I've made clamshell boxes before, but this one was a bit more complex.  We used 3mm acid-free grey board with mulberry paper hinges which made the box very sturdy.

I'm not fond of being overly accurate and neat (especially when dealing with glue!) but I am very chuffed with the results.  The box and book will be exhibited in the 'Papers Pages and Prints' exhibition at the Pine Rivers Gallery in September. 

The completed box with the bone clasps

The box open showing the inner lid
and mulberry paper lining

My Altered Book "Gardens in Art"

My Altered Book open at one of my favourite pages

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  1. omgoodness...what a beautiful piece of work. you should be so proudxxlynda