Friday, February 18, 2011

Printscape 2011

My latest project has been the Southern Printmakers Association's annual exchange of postcard prints.  This project requires participants to create 11 postcard sized prints and post them individually to a NSW address.  They will then distribute 10 new and different prints back to each participant.  One print is kept by the Association.

I've been doing artist book swaps for a while and a printmaking exchange sounded like a lot of fun.  The theme was 'Printscape'.  My prints are (of course) monoprints.  I used stencils and objects to create a moonlit landscape.  My text on the reverse side features quotes, also on the same theme.

I'll be posting them this weekend, fingers crossed they all arrive safely!

If you're interested in joining in the exchange, the deadline is 1 April.  Email for more information.

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