Monday, February 21, 2011

Monoprinting Marathon

I'm on my 3rd consecutive day of printing, and loving it.  Its hot outside (over 33 degrees celsius), so there's no better place to be than in my air conditioned studio.

I've been busy making monprints to incorporate in my hand-made books, as well as starting on new works featuring the Sacred Ibis, another notorious urban dweller, as part of my 'Conservation of the Species' series.

I've also been re-working prints from my first Bower series.  There were 3 prints that I regarded as not particularly successful, mostly due to being too 'busy' without a focal point.  I have managed to bring at least 2 of those prints back, the results of one of those prints is shown in the photos below.  Its quite challenging to try and work out how to strengthen a print that is at the point of being overworked.  A delicate process fraught with danger!

Bower4 - BEFORE

Bower4 - After the rework. 
Still busy but more interesting.

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