Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ceramic Creations

Today I finished 4 mornings of ceramics at Brisbane Institute of Art.  I worked on handbuilding various objects out of Raku clay.

I had some very definite ideas about what I wanted to create - objects that I could incorporate in both my fibre weaving and in my book making.

I was very prolific and produced many objects, both large and small.   It was great to let my design ideas flow then transform them with clay - this is a medium I have not worked with before (well, maybe at school!).  It was also interesting to work solely in 3D, and having to take into consideration the limitations and possibilities of the clay.  I also discovered that fingernails are not good in ceramics!

The objects now will go for firing, then I will get to glaze them in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait!!!  I'm the sort of person that likes instant gratification so having to wait to take home my finished works is TORTURE!

Stay tuned for some photos of the finished works.  Fingers crossed they survive the kiln.....

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