Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mountain Getaway....and art opportunity!

This week Craig and I took advantage of a mid-week public holiday to escape to a cabin in the 'mountains', well, as much of a mountain that we could find close to Brisbane!  We stayed at Cabins at the View at Mt Mee, approx 40 minutes drive in a north-westerly direction.

The view was delightful, as were the bird and animal friends that we saw along the way.  We did some exploratory drives through the nearby D'Aguilar National Park as well as dropping into Woodford for some refreshments and to visit a couple of op shops..... but don't worry I only bought one book which I thought was very disciplined for me!

And of course, I had to take my art with me.  This time it was gelli plate printing, using some new leaves that I picked up during my stay.  I took some unresolved prints to work on.  The most successful gelli plate prints are those with at least two layers, using 2-3 colours, so its easy to start with a incomplete or pale print rather than a new sheet of paper. 

The view from our cabin,
Brisbane city is in the distance

The view from one of the lookouts, looking

I'm on a rock-hop along a creek bank, always on the
lookout for printing goodies
A Currawong at the picnic area.
I sometimes hear these birds near our house, and
I read recently that they are moving closer to urban areas
which is not good for local small bird populations.

A friendly Kookaburra, no doubt he was after
a handout or just to swoop and take what he wanted!
Unfortunately for him we were indulging in dips and crackers,
not on his diet.
I took over the dining table for my temporary art studio
at the cabin.  A very small table - good for romantic
candlelit dinners but not big enough for serious art making!
But yes I did clear it all away at dinner time......sigh

A printing frenzy.....heaps of fun!

Printing with leaves and a stencil.
 This one has a yummy colour, blue and a bit of black I think.


  1. Love your work! Please do an online class.

  2. Love your work! Please do an online class

  3. love the kookaburra...and love your prints(blue with a bit of black is my favorite!)

  4. Very nice, Ive got an art challenge this week to do a gelli plate print, never done one before..this is beautiful!

  5. I am just about to embark on gelli plate printing and I know I will become obsessed...I love your work and I plan to get your book about it all.....

    1. Hi Daphne, yes gelatine monoprinting is VERY addictive but its great to play with and there's no such thing as a mistake, every print can be printed over or used in cards and collage. Enjoy!