Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pinterest - a really cool way to build inspiration

I've just discovered Pinterest.  I've known about it for a long time but tried to avoid it, as I felt it would just a another internet time-waster.

But after taking a second look, I've discovered the value of using Pinterest as an online visual diary.  I've always kept photos of things I like, other people's work, places I've been, arty-photos of plants etc. They are spread around my laptop in numerous folders.  But I have found I can store them on Pinterest, in the 'cloud', and I can access them anywhere in an orderly fashion.

I can store them into categories, known as 'pin boards'.  I can go to any website and directly pin photos to my boards.  I can upload photos from my computer too.

I can sort them into categories like technique, type, colour, shape, design, pattern etc.   I can share my boards or keep them private. I can copy anyone's pinned images to my pin boards, so other people's inspiration can be mine as well.

I'm heading off for a week's art retreat at Woodgate soon, so it will be ideal to use Pinterest to access my images for inspiration.

I've also added a PinIt button to my blog and website, so anyone can directly pin my photos to their own Pinterest boards.  

And because I never blog without some photos for you to look at, here's some of a recent book I made..... Enjoy!

Ginkgo Book - hard covers, sewing over ginkgo ribbon from Japan.
I love ginkgo leaves and fell in love instantly with the ribbon,
even though I didn't know what I wanted it for at the time.

Some of the pages.  Gelatin Plate Monoprints using 2 plants
and 2 colours.  Reptition and simple composition links the images.

I also used a plant from my garden as well as the ginkgo leaves.
Also I photocopied a drawing I made on top on some prints.
Added another dimension to the work, using repetition once again.

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