Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Art retreat at Woodgate

This week I'm on an art retreat with 6 other ladies at Woodgate, on the coast near Childers, Queensland.

We've rented a large holiday house on the beach and are enjoying a week of working on our own projects as well as enjoying sharing our favourite books and ideas.

Of course, I've set up my temporary printmaking studio with Thumper (my etching press) and have been busy working on a few projects.  Photos below.

Its great to get away from the day-to-day and immerse myself in creativity, its a shame its so hard to do at home with the usual daily demands limiting my time.  A problem we all have!

The house at Woodgate, we stayed here in 2012

The girls working hard in the 'studio' in the garage,
with water views!

Monoprints on dressmakers paper patterns,
to be collaged into a book

Here I am working hard in the downstairs kitchen (my studio).
Yes the house is SO big it has 2 kitchens!

The view from my press, you can see the beach across the road

One of the turkey monoprints I've completed

My turkey plate with stencils, printing in progress

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  1. Really cool! I like all the colors, textures and the creativeness here!!!!!!