Saturday, May 25, 2013

Artist in Residence - getting into the swing of it

Today is the 4th day of my Artist Residency at Blackall.  And its getting colder! 

Last night was the opening of the art exhibition.  It went really well, over 100 people in attendance and several paintings were sold.  I sold one of my new WillyWag Tail prints that I did at Baldessin last month.  Its off to a good home at Barcaldine, about an hour north of Blackall.  I've been invited to exhibit at the Barcaldine art exhibition in August as well.  I also met up with some other printmakers and paper artists, and had some great conversations about my favourite topics!

Jenny Mace (Botanical Artist and Judge of the Art Exhibition),
Sally Campbell (President, Blackall Cultural Assoc)
and me at lunch at Daisy Cottage, Blackall.
This morning I headed downtown (on my bike of course!) for an interview with ABC Radio Western Queensland, about my role as Artist in Residence.  It felt a bit weird standing on the footpath being interviewed, knowing I had to say the right thing as it was LIVE!

ABC Radio live from Blackall
Then it was off to the Uniting Church Thrift Shop to find some bargains.  I was on the hunt for frames, given that there was no picture framer in town and the pre-made ones available only at the Newsagent were triple the prices in Brisbane.  I found several frames to suit some small monoprints, my intention was to make some pictures to install in my 'flat' at the Living Arts Centre at Blackall.  Surprisingly, for an arts centre there are no pictures on the walls of my flat.  The only creative touch is the beautiful handmade quilt on the bed (I met Margo today, one of the quilters who helped make it).

So after a brief diversion past 'The Black Stump' (very brief!) I settled down to some time in my studio.  I had found some beautiful heart shaped gum leaves in the park next to the Cultural Centre on one of my exploration rides.  I also found a Cotton Tree (my absolute favourite) but I am going to try and avoid it because I want to try some new plants.  A good one for my workshop next weekend though.

On my bike riding down near the Barcoo River

He's been yarn bombed and needs a hug!
The heart shaped gum leaves...beautiful!

Gum leaf print in my repurposed frame,
it will sit on my bedside table tonight.
As well as using my gelli-plates this trip, I am also trialling gelatine plates.  I made one using a silicon mould.  It turned out really well, though I was less than careful getting it out of the mould, so its a bit uneven around the edges. 

Pulling a print from the gelatin plate, the ripples are on the bottom of
the plate from the mould, but would be interesting to use.

Printed perfectly in 20degrees Celsius with humidity at 32%.
I'll make a few up for the workshop at the end of the week, they've got a cold room here at the Living Arts Centre so I can store them in there.  Will have to check out the gelatin supplies in the IGA!

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