Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Artist in Residence - finding inspiration

Its been a big 2 days since I blogged last.

Yesterday I went on a road trip with Terry and Robyn with their friend and fellow artist Helen to their property 'Stratford', north-east of Blackall.

'Stratford' is a working cattle property in an area known as the 'Desert Uplands', with its red sandy soil.  Robyn and Terry were very generous, sharing their knowledge of the local landscape and gave me an insight to how the land is managed.   I even learnt the difference between a 'cow' and 'cattle'!

We saw a brolga and an Australian Bustard....that was really cool!

I enthusiastically took notes of all the different plants that we saw as we drove around their property.  And of course I came prepared with several plastic bags and the usual yellow pages to carry home all my samples of leaves and grasses for printing. 

I also saw the huge potential of the area for eco-dyeing, I realised how little access I have to interesting plants in South-East Queensland.

Terry and Robyn with one of their many Maremmano dogs

The landscape, so inspiring

Overlooking the escarpment at 'Stratford'

Helen, myself, and Robyn during our drive
around 'Stratford'

Wedgetail Eagle, majestic with a birds-eye view
of the landscape

Today I've been in the studio using some of the plants I collected on my trip yesterday as well as from around town.  Its so nice not to have to work to a timetable.  The battery in my watch has stopped so I'm taking that as a sign!

My Studio at the Blackall Living Arts Centre,
so much space...!

Book in progress....a star book,
 I'm going to sew the edges tonight

This is tomorrow's project, inspired by the Desert Uplands

A sample print for my workshop on the weekend,
using my Willi-Wag Tail stencil.
Yes, they're in Blackall too!

Another sample print


  1. thanks for the insight into Blackall Sandra

  2. I love the blue star book! Just lovely. Glad you are having "time" to work and play.