Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Encaustic Artist Book Explorations

These photos are some encaustic panels I've been working on.   The panels are plywood, with layers of monoprints and decorative papers, using encaustic wax, oil paints and shellac.  The image transfers are my drawings of ginkgo leaves.

I find the process is similar to monoprinting where I work intuitively and compose my work as I progress. Great fun!  Lots of danger (hot wax, heat gun), working quickly and problem solving to make them work.  And if I don't like it, I just melt it off with the heat gun...easy! 

I plan to join the panels together into a simple concertina book structure.  I made a couple of these books last year, and loved them, so I felt the need to explore the medium further using the ginkgo leaf as my inspiration.


  1. I have a bird series on panels. I was thinking of joining them together but what will you uses to join yours? Aren't those panels hard to drill?

    1. I use mulberry paper to join mine, acts as a backing as well.