Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spring Cleaning

There's no better time than today to clean my press.  We're currently experiencing the fallout from ex-cyclone Oswald, delivering gusty strong winds and horizontal rain.  So what better time than to give 'Thumper' my etching press his annual clean.

Firstly, I remove the surface rust on all the rollers and exposed metal surfaces with a creme cleanser and scourer, being careful to clean the 2 main rollers in the direction of the grain, that is around them rather than from side to side.
There's a few rust spots on the rollers I can't remove - its a bit disappointing, but I have to be realistic considering our humid weather, my aversion to regular maintenance, and Thumper's age - he's almost 5 years old!

After rinsing off the creme cleanser and drying with a towel, I wipe on a coating of liquid lanolin to protect against future rust.

And finally a drop or two of oil to assist lubrication.

Thumper is ready to go, lets start printing before the rain eases off and I have to rejoin the world!


  1. Thumper looks great! Mine is coming up to 14 years old now and needs a bit of attention, so it's a good nudge to me...

  2. I am feeling duly nudged as well Sandra! Maybe this week...but truly our weather does make it hard to maintain in perfect condition doesn't it? Nothing to do with my failure to pay attention at times...