Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Samford Arts and Crafts

Have you been to Samford recently?

Well, on your next visit make sure you drop in to the Samford Slab Hut, an arts and crafts co-operative with over 60 active members.

Its located in John Scott Park in the main street of Samford, on the north-eastern side of the park.

The building is a reproduction of a traditional slab hut, with local timbers and recycled corrugated iron as well as a few modern conveniences like air conditioning.  The hut sits amongst beautiful gardens in the park and is a very relaxing place to visit and enjoy the goodies inside.

There's a big variety of arts and crafts by the members, who each do a day of roster each month. 

I am a member and I have my monoprinting artworks for sale, including framed prints and books.  I enjoy my day of roster as it enables me to meet the public and talk about my work, and see what they are interested in.  I usually buy something for myself because I have all day to browse and get tempted!

The Samford Slab Hut

Just one view of the art for sale, great for gifts!

Some of my work on display

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