Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monoprinting at Bardon

I've recently found a new location to run workshops in Brisbane.... a former church hall in Bardon.

The owner, Mervyn Langford has 'opened the doors' of the former St Mary Magdalene's (Anglican church) at 80 Boundary Rd, Bardon.  He is hoping to develop a community arts hub, bringing together the local community to share artistic and creative endeavours.

The hall is basic but large and very airy.  I'm sure that together with other artists, musicians and performers we can make it a great vibrant space.

So far I've run 3 workshops there.   Last week I ran 2 monoprinting workshops.  Below are some of the photos.

One of the reasons I enjoy running workshops is being able to share my love of art with adults who may have missed out on creative play during their lives.  I remember during my childhood there was no art classes for children - just piano or ballet (both of which I was particularly bad at!).  My goal now is to ignite a love of play in adults - colour, textures, getting dirty! - and to recognise that there is no right or wrong in art.  Of course, some art is more pleasing to the eye than others but there is always some aspect of a print that I think can be used for some purpose, like a special card for a friend.  Not every print has to be a work of art to be framed.

I also learnt a valuable lesson this week about press maintenance.   During the first workshop, Thumper the press stopped rolling smoothly and the handle was difficult to turn.  After some diagnosing and consulting with Kay (another printmaker) we established that the problem was the top roller.  It turns out that the original grease in the bearings had worn away and dried up, so had lost its lubrication necessary for the roller to move.   My partner Craig performed surgery on Thumper, cleaned up the old grease and reapplied new oil.  Thumper is now working perfectly and I need to remember to oil Thumper every time I use him.   Its so easy to forget that Thumper needs regular TLC to keep the rollers turning...... sorry Thumper!

Completed monoprints laid out on a pew

Working with Thumper the press

Prints in progress
Thumper in pieces, the top roller removed,
whilst he was being 'maintained'!

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