Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting the year with a rush....

My 2012 has started with a commission! My first monoprinting commission..... and given that my printing sessions are somewhat unpredictable, I spent today in the studio determined to end the day with enough prints that may appeal to my buyer. 

The concept behind these works is the LaraPinta Trail, a long distance hiking trail in the Northern Territory.  I used imagery of the Australian Ringneck Parrot who frequents that area (and most of Western Australia).

I'm pretty happy with the results, 10 prints in all. The first few were overprinted on some scrub-turkey ghost prints so they look quite different to the remainder which I printed with 2 dominant colours representing the outback landscape.

Now I need to start work on my monoprints for the Southern Circles exhibition, a print exchange with Tasmanian printmakers.   I've got my ideas all worked out, I just need to start printing.  Keep an eye on my blog for the results!

The first print ....

Establishing my colours and images for the new series....

A successful print, with about 4 layers


  1. Hello Sandra, I like your images and the techniques.

  2. Sandra....they're really gorgeous and I love the colours. Birds are just so fascinating - I love printing them too.

  3. And my client loved the prints - she bought 2 of them to send over to Boston USA to a friend.