Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A mysterious business...

I recently worked in the studio on a series of monotypes for a group exhibition 'Southern Circles' with Tasmanian Printmakers, Hunter Island Press. 

My monotypes are titled 'A mysterious business' and are based on the migration patterns of the Tasmanian Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis).  This silvereye is a small bird that migrates every year north from Tasmania to the mainland of Australia, up the east coast as far north as Queensland.

There has been much scientific research into how and why this migration takes place, in particular as to whether their behaviour relies on magnetic fields or polarised light.

I pay homage to the amazing migratory abilities of this little bird, being only 13cm long but travelling over 1600 kilometres each year, creating a remarkable connection between Tasmania and Queensland.

The 2 images below are the monotypes that will be travelling to Tasmania in February for the opening at Church Studio, Franklin.

a mysterious business I

 a mysterious business II
monotype with solar plate etching

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  1. Delicate and luminous Sandra......your little silvereyes are beautiful. Love the mustard yellow and blue. I hope they travel safely to Franklin.