Saturday, July 3, 2010

Homage to the Seed

I've been asked by Sophie Munns, 2010 Artist-in-Residence at Mt Coot-tha Brisbane Botanic Gardens to join with other bloggers to create a postcard artwork for her open studio week from 12 July.

My postcard features a monotype I printed during my art residency at Coochiemudlo Island in April.  The monotype was inspired by the morning kajak trips that Cathy and I made through the mangrove forests surrounding Coochie.  Often we would see the mangrove seed pods floating by, which made me speculate about the journeys these pods make on the tidal currents within Moreton Bay.  Within the monotype there are mangrove seedings, the moon influencing the tides and ocean currents, and floating lines representing the journey of the seed pods.


  1. Hello Sandra,
    I was just viewing the blog list on my blog and the image box next to your name sang out to me with colour and interest!
    I popped over and here is the most wonderful surprise...a gorgeous "visual poem" you have printed and are sending to the mail-art show!
    Delightful... Im going to take photos and put them on the blog too and add all the bloglinks so that people can visit each other!
    See you soon I hope!

  2. Hey Sandra, I'm very pleased you're involved here and its good to reconnect with your work, pleased you found such deep inspiration from the Mangroves. Hoping you might also visit Sophie's Open Studio week - it looks so inviting!
    Cheers, Bettina