Monday, July 27, 2015

Drypoint at Barcaldine

I've travelled up to Barcaldine in Central West Queensland this week to work with artist Joanne Taylor and to run some community workshops.  

My first workshop was Drypoint and Mixed Media.  I had a group of 6 keen local artists and we explored drypoint techniques using thin acrylic sheet and simple drypoint etching tools.  Drypoint is an inexpensive and non toxic method of intaglio printing.

I've now got a week of exploring the local area with Joanne as well as setting up her etching press and of course doing some printing.  I've got another workshop at Blackall next weekend.

Black Wallaby
Brolgas - very elegant large birds
A large flock of Galahs at Sunset
Drypoint scratching in progress
Student work - Drypoint print
on a tetra pack (foil inside of a milk carton)
Student work - pelican drypoint with Chine Colle

My wren drypoint with colour applied using
ala poupee methods

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