Sunday, February 1, 2015

PASSAGE - exhibition of porcelain and paper

Introducing my latest exhibition....

Artists Pattie Murray and Sandra Pearce
a journey through the intertidal zone - past and present

'PASSAGE' is a joint exhibition with porcelain artist Pattie Murray, where we journey through the intertidal zones, exploring past and present through the mediums of paper, porcelain and natural fibres.

My work for this exhibition includes sculptural works featuring papermaking and printmaking to describe my journey exploring past experiences of camping and fishing in Moreton Bay. I've used my memories to connect my current art practice to the mangroves, mud flats and sand of local areas such as Cabbage Tree Creek and Moreton Island.

Location: Redlands Art Gallery, Capalaba
Open until 14 March

'Washed up' - a collaborative installation,
featuring handmade botanical paper, toilet tissue, and porcelain objects.
This work is a comment on debris brought into shore with the tides.

'Drift' - Monoprints on Silk Paper,
featuring monoprints of mangrove leaves and other coastal debris.
I made the silk paper with gummy silk cocoons
then monoprinted the 3m long piece of silk paper, 50cm at a time,
with Thumper my portable etching press.
A challenge but the piece certainly makes the impact
I was looking for.

Detail of 'Drift'.
'Exposed' - handmade botanical paper of mulberry bark and eco-dyed silk thread.
This work evokes the memories of walking along tidal mud flats at Nudgee Beach.

A view of the PASSAGE exhibition,
with some of Pattie's beautiful porcelain vessels in the foreground.


  1. It looks stunning Sandra - congratulations!

  2. Sandra,
    as always you produce beautiful work, which expresses nature exquisitely.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Like you, expressing nature in my art is my passion!