Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eco-Dyeing on Paper at Bec's Mt Tamborine Studio

Here are some photos from my recent workshops at Bec Andersen's studio at Mt Tamborine.  We did eco-dyeing on paper - two brews - Iron and Cabbage.  The cabbage brew wasn't a particularly strong one so we didn't get much grey blue colours but we still had a great time and everyone gained the skills to do their own dyeing at home.

Thanks again to Bec for being her wonderful 'hostess' self on the day, making my job so much easier. The yummyshared lunch on the studio verandah is always a treat.

I'll back in November 2015 to hold more monoprinting workshops with my etching press 'Thumper' so send me a message via this post or via my email if you'd like to be contacted closer to the date with more information and to book in.

Bundles ready for the dye pot
The dye pots.  We also used Bec's UMI Cooker which
allowed bigger bundles.
"This eco-dyeing is good enough to eat!"
Thanks Bec!

A bundle in the making, featuring leaves,
onion skins and pomegranate.

Eco-dyed papers drying, beautiful colours!
View from the studio window,
featuring one of Bec's monoprints
from one of my previous workshops.

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