Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nothing is ever wasted

Being a prolific monoprinter, I create lots of prints many of which don't quite 'hit the mark'.  And being a frugal artist, I never throw anything away.

The best monoprints get framed.  The not-so-best prints are trimmed for cards, bookmarks and book covers.  Those that I consider 'good backgrounds' get layered with other prints, such as my handmade stamps or etchings.  And the rest of the pile become pages in books to add a bit of colour and interest rather than just plain paper.

This afternoon, I sorted through my pile and found a few nice backgrounds created with my gelli plate. I printed over these using my handmade stamps.   These prints will become book covers, though some of them didn't quite work due to the stamp image not being strong enough on a busy background.  These less successful prints will become book pages or cards.

My mantra is "Don't throw it, stow it".   Of course, then you just need the space to store it, then some kind of system of organisation to find it again when you want it...... day I'll perfect that.....

Inking up my dragonfly stamp

I use block ink and a rubber roller to print my stamps.
It has a good consistency for rolling evenly.
My favourite bee stamp makes quite an impression.
One of my new stamps, a honeyeater on banksia.
Stamp on the left, print on the right.
The background is a gelli plate print.

Another of my new stamps, a Scarlet Robin in flight.
I repeated the stamp to emphasise the action of flight.
The print on the right is of grass on a gelli plate.

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  1. Your stamps are delightful Sandra. Reusing bits that don't work is always part of my collaging process.