Saturday, May 3, 2014

Eucalyptus Heaven

Last week I was in Canberra for a Ruth Hadlow workshop at the Strathnairn Arts Centre, 30 minutes from central Canberra, amongst rolling hills and gum trees.

The setting was beautiful, the majestic grey leaved gums hosting a variety of birdlife including many types of parrots, with kangaroos feeding on the meadow-like grasses.  Recent rain gave the feeling of lushness and growth, even though the autumn air was cool.

I love the landscape around Canberra, particularly the grey eucalypts.  So I made sure I stopped by the Australian National Botanic Gardens to see their collection of native plants.  My search revealed many different variety of grey gums, but I was most excited to find my first cinerea tree.  I've used a lot of Eucalyptus Cinerea in my eco-dyeing explorations, however I haven't found it growing near Brisbane so I always have to buy it from a florist.  It was lovely to finally see it in the landscape.

Now that I've seen lots of grey gums and cinerea, I feel like its time to do some more eco-dyeing.... the only problem is I'll have to give up one of the ten other things I'm working on at the moment!  SIGH

The Woolshed at Strathnairn where the workshop was held.
It had an old wood stove,
next to which was my favourite place to sit!
(yes I'm a Queenslander who feels the cold)

Strathnairn has lots of artists studios on site.
I loved this sign outside of Studio 2.

A dunny with a view.....
At the Botanic Gardens....
if only I could sneak a few branches
 into my suitcase....

It has such a beautiful structure and colour,
contrasts against the reddish trunk of the tree.

Eucalyptus cinerea -
I'm soooooo inspired to do some more eco-dyeing!

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