Thursday, February 6, 2014

Papermaking Exhibition you might be interested in....

Fellow papermaker Kym Frame is holding an exhibition 'Women Afoot' at Graydon Gallery from 4-9 March.  The exhibition will be opened on Friday 7 March 6pm by Janet De Boer.

Kym says "Women Afoot presents the work of local artist Kym Frame and the contribution of over 100 outstanding Queensland women from all walks of life.
The exhibition features more than 200 individual pieces of sculpture made from handmade paper. The sculptures and the voices of the women themselves, share their experiences and messages for each other. Together, they enable women to stand together both literally and metaphorically in support of one another.
All proceeds from the exhibition go to the Second Chance Programme Fundraising group, placing women beyond homelessness."
This is a great opportunity to see Kym's work and the diversity of the medium of handmade paper.
I'll be at the opening, might see you there!
Graydon Gallery
29 Merthyr Road New Farm
10am - 6pm dialy
4 - 9 March
Kym Frame 0406 748 476

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