Friday, January 10, 2014

Sculpting with Books

This week my Mum Jan and I flew to Sydney to attend a 2 day 'Sculptural Books' workshop with Lizzie Buckmaster-Dove. The workshop was held at Art Est Art School in Leichhardt.

Lizzie works with paper and found objects to create assemblages and 3-dimensional works.

This workshop was to learn about creating sculptural and 3-dimensional objects using old books, exploring techniques of cutting and folding.

I went home with plenty of ideas on how I could incorporate the techniques into my existing art practice, though I'm certain my short attention span and lack of accuracy could be a problem!

I'm busy cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting,
and cutting some more.
The days went quick though!

Yes I've still got 5 fingers,
luckily no band-aids required this time.
The tool is a surgical blade, VERY sharp but
necessary for this type of work.

Lizzie (right) and I with our 3D sculpted books

My completed book, "Honey, from flower to table",
hence the reason why I cut hexagons to
represent a bee hive.

Another book I completed, with
a moth motif cut from the pages.
Each page is cut by hand.
Great therapy.

The cut out moths make an artwork in themselves.
The possibilities......!

A close up of the cut out.

A book I folded on the plane on the way home.
Shame I couldn't do some more cutting, but
scalpels are definitely off the carry-on list!

Mum's book, the theme was 'Circles',
hence her choice of motif.

Mum's other work, cute little birds!
Simple but very effective.


  1. Just awesome. Thanks for showing pics of how this was done -- I've always wondered!

    1. You should give it a go, one page at a time, very methodical and repetitive - a great way to slow time down and relax.

  2. WOW these are amazing. What a cool 2 days you had.

    1. A great trip, doing something arty as well as spending time with my Mum!

  3. They look fantastic - love to see you make a book of your gorgeous monoprints and then carve into it . . .mmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Thanks for the idea, but I just couldn't chop up my own book! I'm too precious I think!