Sunday, October 27, 2013

I've BEEn gelli plate printing....

I've just wanted to share with you the results of a quick session of monoprinting using my gelli plate.  I needed some pages to cover some books I'm making for Xmas stock, and wanted to give my bee stamp a run.  I handcarved the bee stamp from an Ezi-Carve block.  I used a 'chicken wire' stencil in the background to imitate a honeycomb effect.

A very enjoyable and productive hour........

My handcarved bee stamp and honeycomb stencil.
Bee prints everywhere!

I used a combination of monoprinting and stamping

Repetition of the image adds movement

You can see the effectivess of layering the
bee image, slightly off centre each time

The honeycomb stencil used as a resist
lets the white of the paper show through,
adding light and breaking up the background


  1. That's superb Sandra. I have a Gelli plate but have not had time for much practice. Guess Xmas is the time.

  2. Great imagery and great results. We must look after our bees!

  3. Hi. just wondering which inks/paints you use in your gelatine plate printing. I really like the Speedball waterbased block printing inks. I live in Victoria, so find they stay workable for a reasonable amount of time in Summer and a long time in Winter. Don't know how they would go with humidity though. Jen.

  4. I use Golden Open Acrylics in conjunction with their Open Medium and a water sprayer. It works well in our hot humid weather, unlike the cheap acrylics and JoSonjas. I have some speedball inks, so I must try them too. I always work pretty fast though, increasing the serendipity of the printing process.