Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trip to Japan Part 3 - so many goodies, so little time

Here are some photos from Japan Trip in November, highlighting the shopping I did at various art and craft shops......

Sometimes I was so overwhelmed with excitement and sensory overload, my hands were shaking!

A shop selling the most wonderful ribbons,
a dilemma "what to buy, what would I use?"
I managed to walk away with only one piece of ribbon, but
now wishing I had bought more.....

Kawachi, art supplies shop.  Not as good as Sekaido in Tokyo,
but I still managed to spend lots of Yen here!

View from the 33rd floor of the Swissotel in Osaka.

ABC Craft, a small view of the 'shop' - rows and rows
of craft supplies.  Imagine Spotlight + Lincraft + every online
craft shop in one location.......but with only half an hour! Urrghh!

In the Sasabe Gazai art shop in Osaka.
Can you see the frenzied look in my eyes?

Just a few metres of fabric in one of the craft shops...

Couldn't resist these, furry hiking pants with built in leggings,
but no, I didn't buy them for fear of how big my butt would look in them.

Cycling fashionista

PAPER, lots of it.  Yum, luckily it doesn't weigh much!

12 Cashiers at ABC Craft + a queue controller man.
Chaotic heaven!

Toraya fabics in an Osaka alley, open till late every night!

Part of my stash when I returned home, luckily we had
extra baggage allowance!

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