Saturday, April 28, 2012

Three weeks 'til launch....

.... and I'm not worried at all.....well maybe a bit of pre-exhibition anxiety....!

I've finished all major works and this week have been focussing on the administrative side of my exhibition - labels, lists, and framing. 

I've invested in a small supply of A3 perspex frames, to complement the ones I'm borrowing from Impress Printmakers.  Thanks to Mum's stash of 1970's furnishing fabrics, I've been busy on the overlocker making bags for them;  they're almost an artwork in themselves - bright orange and lime flower designs.

Another (more exciting) piece I've been working on this week is my 3 panel screen.  I'm making this to 'hide' the kitchen area in the Richard Randall Art Studio, but also as part of my exhibition.  Last Saturday I was at Dion's paper mill north of Gympie making large sheets of paper from mulberry pulp.  This has formed the basis for my screen panels, onto which I have printed some large ficus leaves.  This morning I have been lime washing the wooden screen frame.  Its all going along pretty well, and so far am pleased with how its going together. 

I have also got a couple of large long sheets to hang as part of my exhibition.  The mulberry (kozo) fibre is beautifully transparent with includes the inner fibre (white) mixed with the inner and outer bark (chocolate brown fleck).  I can't wait to see it all in situ.

Below are some photos from Dion's studio last weekend, where I worked with my fellow papermakers creating our large sheets.

I'm working at the vacuum table,
at Dion's paper mill

My sheet on the vacuum table,
at this stage its just the mulberry fibre
 ready to have the water extracted

Ngaire in full flight working on her sheet,
she's tossing her fibre onto the vacuum table
with great creative energy!


  1. Oh wow! Look at the size of those sheets of paper! I've never done papermaking on that scale, or with the help of a vacuum press - can't wait to see the results. Good luck with all your exhibition preparations, Sara

  2. I am so impressed. This looks like a workshop I would love to do. Good luck with exhibition. I am sure it will be a huge success, Cheers