Thursday, March 15, 2012

Exhibition Work-In-Progress

Its only 2 months now until my solo exhibition ..... and I'm suffering from a volatile mixture of excitement and panic!

In case you weren't aware but I'm having a huge art event at the Richard Randall Art Studio, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens from 19 -23 May.  Its called 'Conservation of the Species' and will have printmaking, handmade paper, artist books and plant fibre sculpture celebrating the natural world.  I plan to exhibit more than 30 prints and artist books, as well as lots of smaller items to buy for gifts including cards, handmade paper and artist journals.

I'll also be launching my self-published book, 'The Magic of Monoprinting' - full of photos and insights into my art practice.   I'm working on the final copy now.  The quality of the book will be very high and will capture the colour and layering in my monoprints beautifully.

Below are some photos of gelatin monoprinting that I've been having heaps of fun with lately.  I did a lot of gelatin printing before I bought my etching press 3 years ago.  Over the past month  I've been trialling a Gelli-Arts gel printing plate from America, an alternative to the DIY gelatin plate.  This product is a permanent gel plate which means I can avoid all the problems with our humid summers when the gelatin reacts with the atmosphere and is hard to work with.  I've enjoyed it so much I've imported another 10 of them to sell.  A few of them I will be making into kits to include the gel plate, a rubber roller, and perspex palette.  I will be demonstrating the gel plate at my exhibition for anyone who is curious and wants to give it a go.


  1. Yes, I've read about these gelli plates and thought I'd buy some. They seem to be available only in USA, direct from their makers.It's the resistance to tropical humidity that appeals!
    If I was in Brisbane I'd certainly pop in to see you working.(Ill be in England til late May)

  2. LOVE your prints Sandra - thanks for sharing your positive experience with the Gelli plate :)
    Nancy Kelley
    Gelli Arts