Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stitching a new way

I've been trying a few new book binding stitches to expand my skills and provide a bit more variety to the look of my books.  I've also been cutting up old monoprints and using up decorative papers that I've been stashing for quite a while.  Its refreshing to use up what I've already got, but on the other hand, it makes me want to buy more to replace it!

I've been trying a cross-binding stitch and a knot stitch, see the photos below.  The cross-binding stitch was easy and looks great with the cover flaps glued across the front.  The knot stitch was a bit fiddlier.

Crossed Binding Journal,
 using a failed Quebec monoprint for the cover
Another example of the Crossed Binding,
really effective with the lines and textures
of the monoprint
I got a bit carried away and made a few....
Love those colours, yummy!

The knot binding example

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