Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A step too far.....

Ever had the experience of trying to fix something and making it worse?

My previous blog post announced that I had completed a series of prints for a Quebec exhibition.  I had completed 4 good prints that I was happy with.  But then I noticed a few wrinkles in the area in which I embossed, so I thought 'I'll get rid of those wrinkles so the prints look better'.  Great idea, failure in the execution!

I dampened the prints, placed them under weights for a day and ended up with some horrendous creases on top of the wrinkles.  I've tried redampening and pressing and ironing but to no avail.  I can't submit those prints.

So back to the press I go!  Luckily I have 2 days at the studio this week.  The only problem with monoprints is that I can't just simply reprint them from a pre-prepared plate.  I have a very loose formula and process I can follow, but really its just serendipity as to how they turn out..... 


  1. Oh man! how frustrating and disappointing for you Sandra. It's the perfectionist in you - I'm the same. But you never know, you may end up with something even better - good luck!

  2. l know just how you feel..real bummer as my son used to say. xxAnd as Amanda said..it may be even better next time. That happens to me often,panic and then produce something even better!