Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coominya Ghost Train

Today Craig and I went mountain biking on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, the 15km section north of Coominya (meaning 'where is water').

This railway line was established in the 1880's but has been disused for many years.  In recent times the track structure has been removed to make a cross-country trail for horse riders, mountain bikers and walkers.

I hear you ask - what has this got to do with art?  Everything!  Scattered along the trail are discarded rail spikes that were used to secure the train line to the underlying timber sleepers.  These iron spikes fit nicely into my eco-dyeing pot to create a wonderful dark, rich brew.  They are also useful for rusting on cloth.

So, with pockets laden with rusty goodies (and a few interesting leaves too!), we rode the rail trail under a beautiful blue sky and cool winter temperatures.  A bit of art in the outdoors - to me, a perfect combination!

Traversing the disused railway bridge

The railway bridge with rails going nowhere

discarded rail spikes - just waiting for an artist like me!

a rail spike still in place on the bridge

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