Saturday, November 13, 2010

Printing Butterfly Angels

Yesterday was all about butterflies!  I did a whole day's printing session with Thumper (my press) to produce 12cm x 12cm prints for several upcoming Xmas shows.  These prints are designed to fit into a CD cover, a novel way to display paper-based works without the expense of framing.

After a shaky start producing prints I was less than happy with, I began to loosen up and subsequently produced some lovely prints with surprising texture and colour.  I found working on a small scale was challenging - I had to limit the number of stencils, plants and other materials to make my marks.  Simplicity was the key - not overworking the colour layers.   I've got a few muddy ones that I can use for collages and book covers, nothing is ever wasted!

I have titled this series 'My Guardian Angel'.  The reference to angels comes from my late Dad's affection for butterflies in his later years.  His butterflies are my guardian angels, perhaps his way of keeping an eye on me!

You can see how loose I was on the inking up for this one!

Lime green is a recurring colour for me, yum love it

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