Saturday, August 28, 2010


In the past week I have been exploring new creative ideas.  I've been looking at Alisa Golden's very informative texts, playing with inks, folding, cutting, and scoring.  I haven't done a lot of painting for over 12 months but I felt very free and relaxed as I washed and brushed the inks over the paper.  What a lovely feeling!  The ink colours are pure bliss and beautifully transparent so they create deep layers of colour and movement.
Also this week I joined fellow Impress Printmakers members at the Queensland State Library for a viewing of artist books from their extensive collection.  My favourite book was "River, plants, birds" by Peta Lloyd. Layers and layers of monotypes, sewing, stencils, text - wonderful!
This was followed by a visit to the Queensland Museum to see an exhibition of Tasmanian Aboriginal Baskets, 'Tayenebe'.  I particularly admired the kelp water carriers, and already I have some thoughts on how I could incorporate this into my work.
Such an inspiring day!  No wonder I bought armfuls of 'stuff with potential' from Reverse Garbage on the way home!
Woven Accordion Book  - a sampler I created this week

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  1. How funny! I don't do much of this type of work, but I've been getting myself set up to have a "play" with with some inks and watercolours. Maybe it's something in the spring air?